We guide you through the world of technical textiles.

Technical textiles form a fascinating universe of various products. They vary in terms of raw materials, manufacturing processes and their possible applications in different sectors and industries. Above all, however, technical textiles can be very specifically adapted to individual industrial requirements.

Overview of important product groups

Produkte vliesstoffe


Nonwovens represent a highly interesting product group. We have a partnership with the market leader in nylon nonwovens: CEREX Advanced Fabrics Inc. produces the strongest and highest quality spunbond polyamide 6.6.

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Produkte glasfasergewebe

Glass fibre fabrics

Glass fibre multiaxial fabrics form a special product group within technical textiles. They are multi-axial and multi-layer composite fabrics. They are used in the fields of wind energy, shipbuilding, automotive engineering, etc.

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Produkte gewebe


The actual textiles or fabrics (from the Latin textilia = woven fabrics) form a further, very diverse subgroup of technical textiles. They range from industrial filter fabrics (cloths, bags) to fabric inserts for tyre production and the conveyor industry.

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