The Nylon Advantage

Strength & Uniformity. Our fabrics have high tensile, tear and burst strength, even at low fabric weight, and outstanding uniformity.

Chemical Resistance. Our fabrics resist attack by many solvents, alkalies & dilute acids.

Thermal Resistance. Our fabrics have a melting point of approximately 260°C (50°F) and dimensional stability up to 200°C (400°F). All of our fabrics can be processed temperatures as high as 220°C (425°F) for limited periods of time.

Air Permeability. Our wide range of fabric weights allows the choice of fabric permeability. This is of primary importance in the construction and performance of air filters.

Gamma Radiation Resistance. Nylon products are resistant to gamma radiation, maintaining significant physical properties after irradiation.

Printability and Dyeability. Our fabrics are easily dyed with dyes typically used for nylon fabrics. Our fabrics are also easily printed using the wide range of techniques, inks, dyes and pigment formulations applicable to nylon fabrics.