New company - anowo ltd.

Cell International SA splits all nonwoven trading off into the new company anowo ltd. to demonstrate our new focus to the nonwoven business.

anowo ltd. takes over trading of the nonwoven activities from Cell International SA. All business activities concerning our partner Cerex Advanced Fabrics Inc. will be transferred from Cell International SA to anowo ltd. during 2005. This act is part of our strategy to concentrate on the major core business with our nonwoven partners. We will contact you personally to discuss transition details of your account during the coming months.

The sales staff with Aldo Randisi, Marco Locatelli, David Warren and Per O. Bjöörn and our customer service with Ann Henriksen, Caroline Fabian and Barbara Scaramelli will continue to serve you as in the past. Personal phone numbers remain the same but our email addresses will change. Below you will find a list of all our new contact details.

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